Doge Clicker
Wows: 0

Click me to make some wows! I LOVE WOWS!

Doge food, good for the brain! +1 Wow per second!
Doge Food: 0
Doge Food Cost: 50

A doge pat! Good for vocal cords! +1 Wow per .9 millisecond!
Pats: 0
Pat Cost: 100

Doge Rainbow! +1 Wow per .6 millisecond!
Doge Rainbows: 0
Doge Rainbow Cost: 1000

Heaven! +1 Wow per .25 milisecond!
Many heavens: 0
Heaven cost: 10000

Hi! This game is still underdevelopment expect updates soon! Thanks for playing :D

Also if you are playing on some ios devices the images may stuff up and look weird! I have to fix that soon l

Shout out to my homies, John and Nic!

Shoutout especially to Maxwell! (his youtube channel is Mad8k)
Made by the awesome xPrimal! youtube channel: xPrimal